By Peter Darcy | On Apr 3, 2015 | No Comments | In Dogs

So how to find your purpose? First, ask self what you enjoy doing most. If answer is not criminal activity, might be your purpose.

If answer is “eat, drink, sleep, party, shop,” you do not understand question. Purpose means what you contribute. Looking cool is not contribution.

Ask self what people you admire most. Maybe what you admire them doing is what you are meant to do. Maybe your purpose is raise good children. World needs good children. Has enough bullies.

No purpose is too small if it makes life better for others. A good nurse relieves more pain than any movie star. Find your true purpose, you will find your bliss.

[Dean Koontz, Bliss to You (Hyperion: New York, NY, 2008), p. 88-92.]

Written by Peter Darcy

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