Mary Untier of Knots, Our Recourse in Temptation

By Peter Darcy | On Mar 7, 2020 | No Comments

The sacred humanity of Jesus Christ had to submit to temptation because He chose to experience everything human. Our Lady was united to Him spiritually during His temptations and stands by us in the same way, undoing the work of the devil in our lives.

Our Lady’s Victory over Anxiety

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The parents of Jesus must have felt some apprehension when…

Safeguarding Human Dignity through Mary

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The world does not share our belief in human dignity;…

Our Lady’s Love for Souls in Purgatory

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If there is anyone who is interested in releasing souls…

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The Assumption Releases Us from Worldliness

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The Mother of Jesus, after assisting the Apostles at the…

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Unraveling Our Personal History

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While the Blessed Virgin Mary has a very visible role…